Looking for a Deal?

Due to the quantities of certain motorcycle items and the space needed to house them only leave us with one option “LIQUIDATE”. BMI is offering huge discounts on quantity orders of the following: Motorcycle Tires, Rims, Pistons, Bungee Cords, Batteries, Sprockets, Chain, Vintage Helmets, Fuel Line, Brake Pads, Clutch Disks, and Mirrors.
I would also like to add our original intent when we purchased this was to try and keep the original dealer network intact and add new parts and grow what Harry had started but in seeing how much was already liquidated and being sold below Dixie pricing I am not sure the original plan is possible. We will continue to monitor what is going on and are setup to bring in new parts that might be needed and are open to any suggestions or ideas.
Thank you,
Steve Barhorst
BMI Karts & Parts